Homewizard devices?

So homey supports all homewizard devices except energy link and heat link?
That is all intertechno,smartwares and trust 433 and 868 devices like dimmer, switches, plugs, thermoter, PIR trigger?

And where did u read the energy link is not supported?

And also where did you read that the heat link isnt supported.


You want to play silly games?

Homey is not able to connect directly to the HeatLink

Homey’s main downside in this area is the products from Smartwares PRO and HomeWizard itself, like the HeatLink and EnergyLink. Because these products are made by Smartwares / HomeWizard themselves, they only work with HomeWizard, and with nothing or nobody else.

Not playing games here, it’s all in the words. When u say DIRECTLY to Homey then u are correct. But that’s not what u said in the first post. There is a lot of apps connecting devices to Homey and 1 of them is the Homewizard app. There u can connect a lot of Homewizard devices. There is also a wireless weather sensors app and a smartwares app. With all those apps u CAN connect a lot of devices to Homey. Otherwise this would not be possible:

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I have no energy link nor heat link. I’m not interested in these. But question is about other devices.

A bit more friendly would be nice, when asking a question.

They just, including me…correct you concerning what your was saying that the energie and heat link where not supported.

But to stay on your friendly behaviour… what about to use the search… or take a look at the appstore. Iam pretty sure most (95 %) are supported can give you a 100% answer. So check if the device you have if they are supported.

They are supported with use of the the homewizzerd app. But directly on homey… you have to check yourself.

Very nice second post. Welcome.
Guess if you keep that up you will not get many answers to your future questions…

While studying the technical details I just found out that homey does not have a 868 MHz radio module. So it cannot access the 868 MHz smartwares devices.

That’s not correct , Homey has a 868 Mhz radio:

**Wireless Connectivity **

Wi-Fi ® 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz **
** Bluetooth ® 4.2 Low Energy

** ZigBee ® 2.4 GHz**
** Z-Wave Plus ™ **
** 433 MHz **
** 868 MHz **
** Infrared Receiver **
** Infrared Transmitter (6x)**

Source: https://www.athom.com/en/homey/technology/

But the Homewizard (Smartwares) 868Mhz devices are closed source.
That’s why Homey doesn’t have a driver directly for it.
For the Heatlink / Energylink you need the Homewizard station to connect it with Homey.

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Can we keep it in englisch? @Jan_Peeters

Interesting, thank you. On this page 868 MHzu is not mentioned: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/athom/homey-the-living-room-talk-to-your-home?lang=de

That page isn’t relevant anymore (for instance, it states that Homey is based on a Raspberry Pi Compute Module, which it certainly isn’t). Technological information about Homey can be found here: https://blog.athom.com/a-technical-introduction-homey/