Sonos App v6.2.3 crashed for Homey bridge = resolved

With version 6.2.3, Sonos app shows crashed in my Homey environment (bridge, premium). Re-install without remove does not work. I’m afraid I’ll loose all flow and cards related to Sonos.
Has anyone else got the same, and tried to remove and reinstall? And did that work? Or should we wait on a fix from Homey?

Hier hetzelfde probleem.

Zelfde probleem

Same issue here :flushed:

Same here

Everyone has already contacted Athom about this I assume? This forum isn’t tracked by them, so only posting here isn’t going to fix the problem.

Yes I added ticket in support before posting here. No reply yet.

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Same here

Processing time for support request are currently stated with 3 weeks :flushed:

It’s usually much quicker than that, and they may not even react other than just pushing out a new version of the app.

I have the same problem. It looks reinstalling the app doesn’t fix the problem.

This is always their standard remark when adding a ticket… Just to manage expectations I guess. We’ll see what happens this time. I’ll post update here if I get something.


Christopher Charpentier

Issue has been resolved by Athom, ticket closed. No need to reinstall.