Somfy Sunscreen works in homey app, not in homekit

Does anyone know why a somfy device works in de homey 2.0 app, but not in homekit via the official (beta)homey module.

All other devices works in homekit. If I use the homey app I can open and close the somfy rts sunscreen. With homekit it stays on opening and nothing happens.:neutral_face:

You can file a bug report here:

Have you tried using the HomeyKit app from the apps store?
I think it works much better than the experimental option. Not sure if Athom will continue with the experimental version when they get time but I had many problems with it.

yes and in that one everything works! But I give the 'Native" app a try. :grinning:

Will file a bug report as well :face_with_monocle:

which app works for you? with me the devices are handed over to Homekit, however changes over Homekit are not taken over. I use: Homekit of sprut as well as homekit

Is there an updaten about the working of sunscreen in HomeKit within the native HomeKit app?
Where can I find HomeyKit?

I’m new to Homey, but have the same issue. With the “native” app the Somfy sunscreens are not working in Homekit, but in Homey everything works fine.

est-ce que quelqu’un a résolu ce problème?

Je compte acheter cette box pour contrôler mes SOMFY RTS avec Homekit, je dois savoir si cela fonctionne avant!

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Avez vous trouver la solution ? Je l’ai acheter pour les mêmes raisons mais ça ne fonctionne pas dans HomeKit