Somfy rain&sun sensor

I recently became the happy owner of a Homey. Up till now I’m very happy, doc is limited or hard to find but I managed to include almost every device I wanted.
But I’m wandering if I can add the Somfy rain and wind sensor to Homey. The remote control (up/down) went very easy, but what about the sensors?

I don’t know this for sure. I expect you tried to add it with the somfy rts app and it did not pop up to be added? I have the Sunis io windsensor and that is the only device from Somfy I can’t add. In the somfy tahoma app my Sunis windsensor device also doesn’t show up. If your device also doesn’t show up in the Somfy software maybe this means the same for you and you can’t add it.

As far as I understood this is that this sensor is not reporting back, just working on it’s own.

Going thru some online manuals it seems the sensor module also has a learning or programming mode, similar to the remote.
Somebody tried this?

The thing that makes me doubt is that the RTS app does’t mention the sensor. So probably activating the program mode will not pair the sensor.

The learning or program mode is to integrate the sensor. When it doesn’t show up in Somfy you can’t add it into Homey

That is the question. Did anybody try to put the sensor in program mode and was it possible to add it to homey?