Sunis Somfy doesn’t give values in my Homey

Hi, after the update from Homey to 2.0 I’m no longer getting readings from Sunis.
It will install the devive etc. But nothing else.
In the Tahoma Box it shows all is working.
I have re-installed re-srared the app, and Homey several times withput succes.
I have posted comments in the app but again no results. Can anybody help?

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Same problem for me. I had the io version. I have read that some people got it working by adjusting the synchronisation speed. Unfortunately did did not work for me. Therefore i sold mine. Homey date/time sunrise does the job perfectly for me.

Thanks Marcel,
But Somfy doesn’t have the option to add wind/rain etc to open screens when there is a storm of anything. That I had whit a flow in Homey

Sorry, I meaned Homey date time/sunrise

Hi Marcel,
The issue with this is that even on a cloudy day th sunscreens will go down
I need lux information from my privat home to close and open my sunscreens. Sunis was perfect for that…

I’ve got the exact same issue with the Somfy Sunis IO. They are part of my sunscreen setup and now I bought the Homey I want to controle the setup with flows. I have two Sunis IO sensors and like Frank’s situation the sensors can be installed without a problem, but the sensors don’t show any lux readings in Homey. In the Somfy app connected to the Somfy Connexoon IO bridge the sensor’s show lux readings and battery health.

Is there a solution for this issue?