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Somfy Protect / Home Alarm (formally known as MyFox)

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I looked into the API documentation for Somfy Protect / Home Alarm located here:

But unfortunately Somfy does not provide sufficent API support for the Somfy Home Alarm / Protect devices. Right now only the camera shutters are supported.

Also the MyFox api does not support Protect/Home alarm.

I’ve dropped Somfy an e-mail, as there is an IFTTT implementation so there should be a(n undocumented) way to connect.

If anyone has info on this, please let me know, I would like to develop the App for Somfy Protect / Home Alarm.


Hi Tim, do you have any update from Somfy?

None so far, unfortunately

I would be interested to use that app as well. Just to understand: when I add my home alarm to my Tahoma, it will connect to the ‘Link’ only. Would there be any possibility to work with all separate devices (e.g. door sensors / motion sensor) ?

That depends on the API of Somfy ofcourse.
So far I haven’t had any reply from Somfy and I don’t see any API resource information on the web either. :frowning:

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I can change the mode of my Somfy One alarm and get alarm notification via my Tahoma box using a modified version of the Homey Tahoma app. Unfortunately I haven’t found a way yet to access the sensors, etc as well.

I have asked Lennart several times if he wants to incorporate my additions but he is very busy. So if you are interested I can share my version of his app on GitHub so it can be installed via the CLI.

Any updates yet? I own all devices, but now working as a standalone service in my home. Live to join them

Lennart has still not responded to my pull request but it can be side loaded from here https://github.com/AdyRock/com.somfy.tahoma/tree/develop.

There is an artical [HOW TO] CLI install method to follow if you are not sure how to do that.

Thanks, but this goes over my head. Really waiting on the app, now created via IFTTT and Virtual devices at least the capabilities. Really hoping somfy will open the API for the motion detector and camera…

With my additions the motion detection sort of works as it turns the lights on which is a trigger card I have added. The down side is it only works when it is dark.

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It is becoming more urgent now IFTTT switching to PRO. No app in the near future to add to Homey? There is a Olisto (Dutch equivalent of IFTTT) so Homey should be possible

My version of the Tahoma app is now in the Homey Community Store https://store.homey.community/app/com.somfy.tahoma
As I mentioned before, this allows me to change the armed state of the Somfy One alarm and get alarm notifications.

Thanks Adrian, I installed the app but I do not have a Thahoma box only Somfy Protect so my login is not correct :slightly_frowning_face:

Sorry the app can only work via Tahoma or Conexoon.

Just a question is your app with Connexoon en somfy protect compatible? This is a cheaper solution as too buy the Tahaoma box €100 difference. Thanks

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand. Is the “Connexoon en somfy protect” a special product?
The app is compatible with Connexoon and if you have a Somfy security product connected to it then it can do the basic Arm and disarm.

Sorry for the confusion. I was wondering if I buy the Connexoon to connect with my Homey, if I can arm, disarm en activate night mode on my Somfy Protect via Homey. I see the cards in the app, that this is possible, but did not know if this is possible with Either Tahoma or Connexoon.
So another question, is the Night mode (most used with automation) an option?
The motion sensor within the Somfy Protect is not possible yet, right, I do not see them in the cards as well. Thanks for you swift replies!

The app does support night mode so providing the Somfy Protect can be added to Connexoon it will be there.
Maybe someone that has Connexoon can confirm that it is compatible.

Unfortunately Somfy don’t expose any of the sensors connected to their Protect systems. I wish they did as I could remove a lot of sensors that are doubled up.

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Is there any news about this Somfy Protect API? Righ now I use IFTTT to connect Homey to Somfy Protect, but as of februari 1st Homey will disconnect IFTTT, so I need another solution. Anyone any ideas?


Same here. Same set-up. Is the Tahoma switch an option for the alarm control via Homey?