Homey compatibilty with Somfy home alarm


I would like to know of it is possible to connect somfy home alarm with the box Homey ?

If not I will buy the TaHoma box … not my first choice …

Or do you have another alarm to propose ?



Welcome to this forum, unfortunately this is the English spoken part, so please translate your question or replace it to the France part.

I don’t know if this helps but I have the Somfy One alarm and the only way I could find, without lots of work, was to add it to my Tahoma box (which I already had for other things) and then I modified the Tahoma app to recognise the alarm in Tahoma.
If you want to go that route i can ask the Tahoma app dev to include my additions or find a way to share my modified app so you can install via the CLI.

There is possibly a way to add the alarm by writing an app for it as MyFox (which the alarm is based upon) does have an API. I haven’t bothered trying as it already works for me using Tahoma.

Edit Extra Note: My modifications add the ability to set the alarm state to Off, Partial or Full and trigger a flow if the alarm is activated.

Dear Adrian, thanks to share your expérience …

Good to know that it is possible to (ask to) modify the app to be able to recognize your alarm ?

Just to be clear, you don’t havé any connection between somfy alarm and your Homey (if you havé one)



My Somfy alarm connects to Tahoma. My Homey connects to Tahoma. Therefore Homey connects to the Somfy alarm by using Tahoma as the bridge. Hopefully that makes sense.

I have downloaded the Tahoma app and changed it myself to support the alarm via Tahoma and then installed it via the CLI and it works for me. To share that change I will need to contact the app dev and send him my changes to ask if he will incorporate the change officially.

The other thing I should stress is that I have the Somfy One alarm, not the Somfy Home alarm. That might mean it appears as a different device type to Homey via the Tahoma bridge so might require a little extra work to detect it.