[APP] Somfy Tahoma


Since a few days I have issues with my Tahoma connection from Homey.
Sometimes the commands are not received in the Tahoma box and other times it could take up to 1 minute before any response from my devices.
Reboot of the app, Homey and logoff and login doesn’t solve the issue.
When I control my devices directly from the Tahoma webpage or app the response is direct.

Can someone help me?

I couldn’t find the official Somfy TaHoma forum page. Maybe somebody is better in searching than me, then please add the link as a reply.

I have a feature request @Adrian_Rockall: Add support for discrete mode, like the tahoma/connexoon have. This will slow down the io motor (at least for the roller shutter) to give less noise.

I also found out that the homey appstore contain 1.5.4, while the community homey app store contain 1.6.0, can someone explain this to me?

Version 1.5.4 is the original version by Lennart Kuijs but he seems to have abandoned the app and doesn’t respond to any messages. So I added support for my devices and decided to share it. Hence version 1.6.0 in the community store.


Hello !
Could you add more devices ?
I can’t use my “Somfy receiver IZYMO io shutter”
Not found by Homey, but works fine with Home Assistant…

I can see you have provided the information to Lennart on GitHub so when I get some time I will see what I can do. It has been a while since I added my bits so I will have to refresh my memory on how to do it but if I need any more information I will send you a PM.

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@Koms I have hopefully added support for the IZYMO shutter but I have no way to test it.
It will be in version 1.6.1 that should be in the Community Store soon.

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@Adrian_Rockall So fast ! Works Fine with 1.6.2 ! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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I can’t see an option for this in any of the data captured by people asking for new devices to be added and I don’t have any io blinds to look for myself. Could you capture the transactions as per the instructions found here: https://github.com/AdyRock/com.somfy.tahoma/issues/1

@Adrian_Rockall I will, once I have it, I will let you know.

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I have a future request.
Is there a possibility to add Somfy Dexxo Pro 800 (IO)?
This is a garage door opener.
I created an issue #65 on the aug 27, 2019 with relevant data. (I hope).

That looks feasible. I am adding the link to the GitHub issue to remind me to look at it tonight https://github.com/totalimmersion/com.somfy.tahoma/issues/65.

@Gunnar_Skaiaa There is a new version in the community store that should hopefully support you Dexxo Pro. Let me know how it goes

Thank you. Tested it, and it works. :+1:

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I have a problem that my horizontal awning won’t show what state it’s in. I cannot determine if it’s open/closed.

I want to sent a message with telegram when the position has change. Using the tag “Windows Covering status” but this one is empty. Does any one else has this problem.

ps. The roller shutters is show the correct status.

@Adrian_Rockall For some reason I am able to login to these two pages: somfy account or somfy connect, but the moment I try to log into tahoma it says login failed… While it should be the same account, so no idea why I can’t login. When I try to generate a new password, it goes back to the somfy account page… So Im stuck…

I do have a connexoon btw, not a tahoma.

I have published an update to the Tahoma app in the Community Store https://store.homey.community/app/com.somfy.tahoma.
This version (1.6.5) adds a new log tab to the app configuration page. If you have a device that it not supported then enable the log, wait for it to update, and then tap the send button or copy and paste into a message to me. If you use the send button I will not get any of your personal information so I will not be able to contact you back. Therefore please follow up with a post or PM on here explaining what you want to be added.
Also, if you are experiencing the issue with the sunis not working then use the same procedure so I can investigate that problem. However, as I merged Anders fix from GitHub into version 1.6.1, that problem might already be fixed.


Hi Adrian, any chance you overtake the app? Appreciate you job! But this situation is not good though. :thinking:

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I have made enquiries with Athom and they are going to contact the original developer.
Until it is resolved the Homey Community Store is a good option. Installing apps from there is just as easy as the official Athom store.


True, how can I donate to you, maybe you can add a PayPal link in the community store like some other apps have.

No need to donate, I do it for the challenge and the joy of helping others. But thanks for the offer.