Somfy « kit de connectivité » (new device)

It works very well. You are too strong. Thanks again for rout

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I try to use your app with de Connectivity Kit and with Homey Beta.
The app log in with my acount perfectly but didint find my rollers shutters (oxymo IO). (no new device find)

Could you help me.?


I find that my roller shutters can be found in the Velux category!!!
I don’t understand why.

The app uses a device type in the “controllableName” parameter received from Somfy to identify the type of device. It seems integrators are now using any device from Somfy that meets their needs, regardless of the original usage, hence the mashup of Homey devices to real life product descriptions.
Basically, the app has just over 50 drivers that support well over 100 known devices.

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Same issue for me, i have a Somfy Connectivity kit and many somfy roller shutter (io).
But the app cannot detect devices :frowning:

Can you got to More - Settings - Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon, then select the Device log tab. Tap on Get Log and then on Send Log.

Bonjour @Adrian_Rockall

Jai le meme problème, est ce qu3 je peux vous envoyer egalement le journal ?

En vous remerciant par avance.

Oui pas de problème.

Merci, j’ai réussi en les démarrant comme velux.

Bonne journée à vous
Bien cordialement

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I just send you my log from application.

My Somfy Oxiom 50 IO don’t detect on my Homey Pro :frowning:


Try the “Velux roller shutter(io)”.

Perfect :+1:

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Hi as i don’t know if I can connect my somfy GDK 700 directly with my new homey pro 2023, I would like to know if I used the Somfy Connectivity kit (compatible with my GDK 700), if I will be able to see it also in my Homey app using Somfy account.
Does any one already test it successfully ?

If you can add it to Somfy then I should be able to support it in the Homey app.

Ok i will keep you informed as soon as I have it installed.
Do you know if I can use it directly with Homey without the Somfy connectivity box as the homey pro is supposed to support RTS protocol ?

I don’t know for sure, but it cost nothing to try that first.

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Ok but how as my GDK 700 is not listed in the devices available ?

With the RTS app you have to use the remote control to put the motor in to pairing mode, then go through the add device route to send a pairing code to it. You will just have to try all the available device in the app to see if one works.

When I use the Somfy rts app, I have 2 choices « RTS Socket » and « Somfy Blinds ». Which one should i choose ?
When I select « Somfy Blinds » I have the picture this ??