Somfy « kit de connectivité » (new device)

The new test version is now in the store Somfy TaHoma & Connexoon | Homey.
You can add the blinds using the ‘Shades’ - ‘Velux interior blind (io) device’.

You are genius. Works like a charme. Thanks a lot Adrian.

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I have the same problem as several Homey users, I bought a “Somfy Connection Kit”, everything works fine in the Somfy app. However, I cannot find my Pergola curtain called “MAESTRIA + io” in this Somfy application. Do you have an idea ? Thank you in advance.
PS: I don’t speak English, only French and Italian, I do the translation with Google

Please try the test version of the app.

Does anyone know if the new Somfy kit can also receive the status of RTS engines? So if a separate RTS remote control controls an RTS motor, that the Somfy kit also receives this signal and therefore knows the status?

That is not possible as RTS communication is only one way.

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Hi @Adrian_Rockall, I just send log about my device. I connectes my two venetian store with connectivity kit tahoma and it works but when i want to add into Homey, dont find anything. Could you do anythins please?

Could you install the test version as I think your blinds are supported by that

I try but not working. Not detected : i choose venetiant blind exterior (IO). Could you do something?

I have just checked and you are absolutely correct that the app doesn’t support your blinds yet.
I will add support ASAP.

In the store as the test version now.

You’re a king. Many thanks for your time. It’s work now :fire: you make my day

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I am waiting for our Screens with Somfy IO Sunilus motor as well.
Since I have a Homey, I do not need the quite expensive Tahoma or Conexoon.

Would this Connectivity kit be a good choice?
Are this motor/screens and Connectivity Kit fully supported by the app now? The kit is not yet in the list on the app page…
The Connectivity Kit is not released in The Netherlands it seems, but I can shop it in Germany or order it over there.
Should it work normally in NL? No geoblock or something like that?

Any reasons why I should choose the Tahoma or Conexoon instead? I do not need the Zigbee, Z-Wave or Bluetooth functionality from these boxes, I think. That is all handled by Homey…

There are users with the connectivity kit that use the Tahoma and Connexoon app. I have no personal experience with it but I have added support for blinds that have been reported by user that have it.

One new feature of Tahoma that is coming is local connection between Homey and Tahoma and that is not currently available with the connectivity kit or Connexoon. I have no idea if it will be available in the future or if the hardware is too limited.

Ah, great. Thx for your answer, @Adrian_Rockall

What advantages would bring switching to local communication for the Tahoma, you think?
I would expect speed and responsiveness, but since I own no Somfy yet, I do not know what the current situation is. Any help and info is welcome.

And polling intervals/amounts? Other advantages? That could be a reason to still choose a Tahoma.

With local access there will be no limits on polling so a big responsiveness boost for sensors, as current the limit is 30 seconds. As for controlling devices it will probably not make much difference in speed.
Also everything should still work if your Internet connection goes down. An Internet connection is only required for the first use to obtain a key, but that key never expires.

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I didn’t have time to try before. I installed the latest version v3.0.30, but Homey still cannot find my Pergola. Do you have another idea, thanks in advance

Could you send me the device log as shown in this topic [APP][Pro] Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon (v3.0.30, test v3.0.30)

Hello, I just sent the report.

Obtenir Outlook pour Android

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OK, the device reports it’s self as a “ogp:Blind”, which is supported by the “Velux interior blind (io)” devices.
So if you select that option when adding a device your Pergola should appear.