Somfy Oximo compatibility

I am looking for a hub to consolidate all the various different accessories I have acquired as I start making my home “smarter”, and the Homey looks like a really good candidate. Especially interesting is the 433Mhz module, which if I understand correctly, can talk to Somfy RTS shutter motors. I have Oximo motors, and would like to check if this will be able to replace my Somfy Connectivity Kit (a type of small Tahoma)? Does anyone know if these are compatible with Homey or Homey Pro?

In theory, Homey with a bridge or the Pro can support the Somfy RTS protocol directly. I had mixed results myself, mainly with range, so I got a Tahoma hub and use the Somfy Tahoma and Connexoon app to integrate them into my other devices in Homey.

Also make sure your motors are RTS and not IO as Homey can’t talk directly to IO devices.