Somfy io roller shutter and Power failure

Since a little while i have a strange situation.
I manage my io roller shutters from Somfy with a Remotec switch. The buttons correspond with some scenes from my Tahoma Box. I have made 4 scenes, screen ⅓, screen 50%, screen 100% and screen in.

When i push the button for screen 50% and 100%, at the moment it reaches that position i get a power failure, and the screen goes in.

I have a 3D wind sensor, when it detects to much wind, screens go in and you cannot use the screens for 30 minutes(no power failure)

Unluckily my router is on this electricity group, and i get my kids shouting around me👿

But when I use the original remote it works without any problem.

The only recent changes i got is a smart meter and a extra electricity group for my Solar Panels.

Anyone how to solve this problem?( besides get rid off the kids?)

Don’t understand this, what do you mean with a power failure? you mean the power is switched off by a circuit-breaker (fuse)? then how can the screen go in, without power?

The Buttons are activating flows on Homey?

No screens go in, and afterwards the power is off the whole electricity group

Hmmz sounds you need to call the goshtbusters :thinking::thinking:

Very very strange, is homey on same group? The flows, do they also start other actions on homey? Witch switching on/off something thats also on same group ?

Could be hard to find out

No Homey is on another group, all flows flow flowent. The flow which control the screens do not have any other actioncard as screens up or dow

The RC communicates directly with the screens, no tahoma box needed. The flows need the Tahoma Box. Can there be something like a slow-stop?

I dont have that device, but just thinking… is there another way to trigger the scenes in the box? For example a app from somfy selff?

If so, what is the result then, if its the same… wel then i for sure would contact your seller

Will try that. Thx

looks that the motor is not switching OFF but is reversing direction, if this happens to quick, then this acts as a shortcut on the powerline. This should not be possible, but who knows?