Somfy screens with Enphase solarpanels

I have recently had Enphase solar panels on my roof. Now I also have some Somfy shutters which I operated through sunlight.
I have the following flow:


  • The current production has changed


  • Electricity production is greater than 1000
  • The time is between 11:30 AM and 8:00 PM
  • Timer is not running


  • Set screen down
  • Turn new timer at 3600 seconds.

Now the problem is that if the shutters go down, they go even further down after an hour because the power production is still higher than 1000.

How can I solve this so that Homey knows that my roller shutter is already down?

And schutter is not down?

As @Hugo means, add in the AND column the condition “shutter not down”

Thanks, sometimes you shouldn’t think too hard :wink: