IKEA curtains and Lux sensors

Hi everyone!

I have 6 IKEA smart roller blinds in the living room. Outside I have a LUX sensor which I can measure whether the sun is shining. With the lux sensor I want to automatically close the blinds during the day. It works, but when the sun is very bright for a short time, the blinds go up and down every minute. I want to have a interval or something in this flow so that the blinds only go down when the sun is bright for 10 minutes or longer, and open when the sun has “gone” for 10 minutes.

Maybe someone has an example :slight_smile: thank you in advance!

Sounds like you should add a timer. Look at the chrono app or countdown timer app.

When lux is above 100
Then start timer for 10 min and sunscreen down

When lux is less
And timer isn’t running
Then sunscreen up

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