Ikea blind PRAKTLYSING stopping midway

Im getting suddenly weird behaviour from the Ikea PRAKTLYSING. Im not sure what is causing this and it is very confusing!

Im writing to see if other people had experienced the same thing and if so how did you solved this.

Here a description:
Whenever the sun sets and creates a command to close curtain, the curtain starts closing and stops immediately.

I expect that this is because the command is send twice after each other, and therefore stopping the first close command. Same thing happens with open command.

sometimes the command just does not react.

and latelty I had that close command does react but it closes all the way and does not stop, instead keeps going back up (opening immediatly)

The one who surprised me the most is that when the curtain was closing even when removing the battery it kept closing.

So all the troubleshooting ideas was exhausted. Any ideas or tips?