Setting HOMEY for sunlight control

Hey guys, the summer is coming soon and I want to automate my sunblinds in the hot weather. I have Tahoma Somfy io motors and also its sun sensor. All available in Homey. I dont know how to setup the automation though. I dont want to trigger blinds each time the sun hides behind the clouds. I estimate 30 minutes is enough to wait if the sun comes back or postpone the trigger. I tried to implement time offset but future triggers do not override the previous one. They just all run 30min later and thats all. Any idea how to avoid triggering by each coming cloud? Thanks a lot comunity

Try the countdown timer app, set it for 30 minutes each time the sun hides.
When the countdown timer hits 0 you can execute the action.

Great thanks. I will try this app.

Search the forum, theres more threads with the same question:
Example Philips Sensor > Luxaflex (lower with 10 cm if Lux = 10.000) possible?