Ik heb een screen hangen met een Somfy RTS motor erin. Deze motor kan ik al aansturen vanuit Homey. Nu ben ik op zoek naar een zonsensor. Ik wil geen Tahoma Box kopen. Kan iemand mij van advies voorzien of hier een oplossing voor is?

Je kan het proberen met elke licht sensor of de meeste multisensoren wel.

Die meten het aantal lux. Bij bijvoorbeeld 150+ lux kan je er van uitgaan dat de zon schijnt. Als je de flow goed opbouwt, en het aantal momenten dat de sensor de waardes doorgeeft goed instelt zal dat prima werken.

De Multisensor 6 Z-wave Plus van Aeotec Aeonlabs meet ook de UV waarde dus meschien combinatie van lux en UV waarde dan weet je zeker dat de zon schijnt.

Check my flows with lux sensor here:Lux sensor with continuous reporting

They switch the lights, but sunscreens should work the same.
1 make sure to pick a good spot for you llichtsensor. It should not meause the light inside the room that will be blinded. Otherwise they will open right away.
2 make sure to add the offset otherwise the screens will open/close with every cloud.
3 if the lux deviation is too sensitive you can add a timer. The screens would only open (or close) when the lux has been below/above the treshhold for a longer time

Good luck!
Dont hesitate to put your flows here, theres always help at the forum :wink:

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Verwijderd, antwoord klopte niet.

Hi FKey, you mention to add a timer. Could you show me a flow that would integrate this? I do not have much experience in creating slightly more advanced flows. My wish is to drop/lift my sunscreens based on a lux value (assuming a high lux value means direct sunlite coming in and a low lux value giving a risk on rain clouds). what I would therefore like:

Flow - sun shining
WHEN: every 15 minutes
AND: lux value > xxx (I need to get the trigger value right) for more than 15 minutes
AND: (nice to have) if screen_position = 0
THEN: drop screens
THEN: set screen_position = 1

Flow - clouds coming in
WHEN: every 15 minutes
AND: lux value < xxx (significantly below xxx) for more than 15 minutes
AND: (nice to have) if screen_position = 1
THEN: drop screens
THEN: set screen_position = 0

On the nice to have: I can’t measure the position of the screens so it’s not possible to know whether the screens are already down or not. Does not really matter in my view, not my screens just receive 20-30 times a day a signal that they can’t process as they are already up/down. However it doens’t feel right so maybe there is the option that I can store the position of the screens each time I send them up/down.

Note: I just bought the Philips outdoor motion sensor for this as I read positive stories on the Philips motion/lux sensor and it works outdoor.

K[quote=“Arkie, post:6, topic:10601”]
Could you show me a flow that would integrate this?
My flows are shown in the thread I referred to, look back to mar 7…

Did I? Not in this example.
Looking at your proposed flow I do not think you need a timer.

Forget the “every 15 min” for WHEN, you better trigger the flow with a change in lux measurement. (See my flow example mention above)
Forget the “for more than 15 min” in the AND (there is no such AND)

Flow - sun shining
WHEN : lux value changes
AND : lux value > xxx (I need to get the trigger value right)
AND : (nice to have) if screen_position = 0
THEN : drop screens
THEN : set screen_position = 1

What is your intention with the “for more then 15 min”
Do you really want to have bright light in your room for at least 15 min before you shut them??

Thanks Fkey for your help. I didn’t know that Homey also had logic blocks that I could use. I have found them and I now understand how it works. I have also installed ‘Countdown’ that count for 5 mins to make sure that my screens don’t go down if the sun only shines for 2 or 3 minutes.

I wanted to include the flow but as a new user, I am only allowed to upload one picture for some odd reason. Anyway, if someone wants to see what I’ve done, drop me a message.

Thanks Fkey again for the help!

Hi @Arkie; I am interested in your flow! I am currently having a hard time getting this working. :stuck_out_tongue:
Do you also use the Philips Outdoor Motion Sensor? With or without bridge?