[SOLVED] Servers / service / connection down? March 11 @ 04:11AM CET

Edit: seems to be solved @ 9AM this morning

A word on this issue from creative director Emile @ Slack Homey channel

Original post:
Not good…
Suddenly I had to login to mobile app, which resulted in a ‘frozen’ login screen, and 2 unmanageable Homeys.
So far for “you can use the Pro 2019 up until 2 weeks without internet” (told to me by support)?

When I checked https://status.athom.com, it showed this long list:


I’ve got the same but when I click my devices I can still control them. The homey pro is also still doing what it needs to do. I guess support wil soon fix the server issue.


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Completely dead here, can’t access from app or web.


I can connect from the iPhone but not from the iPad. Same app version 8.0.1 same WIFI network. That is odd.

Take a look here: Homey not working at all, servers offline - Questions & Help - Homey Community Forum

Same here. Can’t connect via web or mobile.
Second time in a fairly short period of time unfortunately.

Same here. Some stuff does seem to be working. For example, my automated lights will switch on. That is through a Z-Wave sensor it detects movement and switches on a Zigbee light.

Not too happy with this!

Tonight, my lights had problems to turn off. I started to investigate what’s going on.
It came out finally that the issue is with Homey servers. It’s weird because I always thought that my system is working offline, without need of any external cloud service.
I was wrong.

Today homey.app website returns 502 Bad Gateway error:

I also couldn’t login through app. Splash screen was displayed about 10 seconds, then loading screen appeared, but nothing happened:

Developer tools are also not working:

Homey status page also confirms the issue:

How does this relate to the slogan on the Homey home page?

Is there a way to be completely independent from Homey’s external servers?


The same in Germany

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Same problem over here

Same here. App on the phone and local website just load indefinitely. During one attempt in the app I got a 502 error but nothing since.

None, as this test apparently proves.
My Pro 2019 should be manageable up to 2 weeks without internet, according to Support, but now I can’t even login.

2019 Pro here, everything down except for my Aqara motion sensor and a Shelly plug in my bathroom that turns on my light…
And my cat just trew up on my carpet, nothing to do with Homey as far as i know…


No mention of servers being offline, but cannot login to my Homey. Had this issue yesterday as well.

Restarted my Homey 3 times this morning. Restarted my home network. But it turns out to be a global problem.

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No. “Everything local” is a lie.


Yeah, marketing has won, once again, the LOCAL thing is a bulls…t

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Hi there,

Since last night (at least) I cannot log in into Homey! Not on de web version nor on the mobile app version. Not via iPhone, Android, Chrome, safari… Not in Pro 23, not in Homey 16-19… Not in Pro early 19…

What is happening? Anyone? Is my account hacked or something, or is something wrong @Athom

Please share if you experience the same.

Thx, Michel

Please search the forum first.

@robertklep Didn’t had a hit when I searched. Will search again…with different search items :slight_smile:

Just look at the latest posts and you’ll find this one.