Smpl mini display: battery powered e-ink display made for Homey

Hi @Wizze .
Thank you for your support. I am very happy that you are pleased.
I am not sure why some of the capabilities don’t show up in the smpl app? We have experienced this before in other apps, where the app developer somehow didn’t follow the guidelines on making capabilities available and/or in the right way (?). What do you think @Koktail ?
Fortunately it is easy to make a work-around. Just create corresponding logic variables and create a flow that write the missing parameters to these variables. Then you can select the data from logic variables in the smpl app.

Many thanks @Nitramevo. A neat workaround - did not think of that myself!

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I assume that in the app the capabilities option preventInsights are set so they are not visible in the capability log of Homey.

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Would it be possible to create new display with AA or AAA bateries? :slight_smile: Those could be rechargeable, those which are used now cant :frowning:

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:rotating_light: SUPPORT UPDATE: NEW UPDATE TOOL AVAILABLE :rotating_light:

I am happy to share, that we have just now finalized our new update solution.

This is relevant for users with order numbers < 2922 (mid September 2023 and older) and who have issues pairing their display to Homey Pro and/or have unstable connectivity (the display often lose connection, showing an exclamation mark in the upper right corner).

The new tool will update the display to the most recent firmware version 1.19 and most important to the latest Zigbee stack 1.17.2

You can download the PC tool here: Firmware Update - The smpl mini display

PS! We now have enough cases to say that the smpl mini display can stop updating when routing via an Aqara 230V plug (EU). And that removing the Aqara plug as Zigbee router for smpl mini display (and sometimes entirely) will solve the problem.

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Hi Jiri,
I fully understand and agree that rechargeable batteries (like standard AA/AAA) would be great. Unfortunately this would make the device too thick. It would be a very different form-factor/solution.
But we have done a lot to increase the battery lifetime.

Why not a pc tool for Mac?

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Cost, is the short answer, unfortunately

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Thats the version off the zigbee stack (it’s now v1.17). (that was update in the seconed part off the update)
If you press three times on the back you get software release with 1.19


I’ve been thinking about the Aqara issue and was wondering if it’s not updating because the message is somehow recognized by Aqara as an Aqara instruction. I’ve had multiple occasions where one of my Aqara plugs switched off after connecting the smpl display.
Just a brainstorming here.

My display went from connecting and updating for say a week to connecting and not updating at all :smiling_face_with_tear:. I wonder if the Homey update made it worse. Still hoping for a solution at some point.


anyone else with problems after updating to latest Homey firmware beta rc5??

@Nitramevo No, everything working great with my 2 smpl displays here on latest rc5.

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No problems. Works fine after update.

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Works great here too

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I would like to buy two of them. When will they be available again?

It seems like the most recent Homey Pro 2023 firmware update v10.3.0 has broken connectivity for several smpl users. If you experience the same please reach out to Athom support about this.

I have also made a direct comment to the fw update post in the Slack channel to highlight the issue to Athom developers Niels de Boer and Robin Bolcher.

lost my smpl after autoupgrade of homey pro during the night

Mine also lost connectivity after update to 10.3.0. Was updated the 15.2 at 03:25.

same , will firmware update help?