Smpl mini display: battery powered e-ink display made for Homey

Thx for your interest.
The partial update of the screen (e.g. updating a temperature or other value) is instant. Only full refresh takes a couple of seconds. This happens once in a while (every 10min or less) to avoid ‘shadows’. Or when you push an entirely new display layout.
We will make a new updated video soon to show more features and use-cases.

Sorry for that.
We have focused on EU countries at launch due to less complex set-up (VAT, shipping etc.). Except for Norway, which is a very big Homey country.
Schwitzerland is on the map for the future, if we are successful.

We also support Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Hey Martin and team. Among all negativity here I just want to say congrats on the launch and thank you for seeing an opportunity and actually doing something about it. I’ve long wanted a dashboard but I don’t want to mount a tablet with power supply. This device looks perfect for me. I’ve preordered two and can’t wait to test them out. Keep up the good work!


Yes I have Apple Pay but a “normal” card is not accepted. So it still has to be a creditcard connected to Apple Pay.

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The smpl mini display is in production! Now open for pre-order

The first wireless, battery-powered, customizable smart home display exclusively for Homey Pro.

Put it anywhere and design your own display layouts to show the data you need. Any useful sensor value or relevant device status. A perfect companion for popular Homey apps. Create your own:

Created with love in Denmark :denmark:
Developed with passion in Ukraine :ukraine:
Integrated with care in the Netherlands :netherlands:


Congratulations on this milestone Martin!
Nice job by you and your team!


Is it possible to buy for my company with VAT EU number (VAT 0%)?

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Unfortunately no. We are currently only set-up selling to private customers.


As we are moving closer to the first deliveries, a new app version is now live on the app store.

@Koktail has been working hard to further improve both functionality, user-experience and stability.

Check it out! Install a demo-display and start creating your own display layouts to experience the flexibility and versatility: smpl App til Homey | Homey



Our production has been on schedule but unfortunately our packaging supplier in Kiev was affected by the power outages from the constant Russian shelling of the Ukrainian infrastructure. As a result, our expected shipping before Christmas was moved to January.

I am very happy to announce that we have just received the first batch of final products and will start shipping to a significant number of pre-order customers in the beginning of January when the Christmas frenzy is over. The web shop will change from pre-order to in-stock during January.

External reviews
We have had a number of pre-production units delivered to 15 external testers during November and December, and their feedback has been valuable in creating the final release versions of firmware and the smpl Homey app: firmware v1.18, app v2.1.16.
You can already experience several reviews here. And more will follow:

Several Community Developers have also been able to test the smpl mini display in relation to their relevant apps. Here a few from Ronny and Robin. And more will follow:

Support resources
As our official product launch is approaching very fast, we have created a number of support resources. You can check them out here:

Battery life update
Our hardware team have now had enough data from tests of the power consumption in different configurations to give a more accurate estimate of the battery life:

  • For a 2-slot layout with 1 slot updated every minute, power consumption corresponds to 110-115 days of operation = almost 4 months
  • For a 4-slot layout with all 4 slots updated every minute (the worst case scenario), power consumption corresponds to 80-85 days of operation = almost 3 months

We are very satisfied with this result.

This does not include re-connecting and frequent use of the back button and thus full screen refresh. On the other hand, this also does not include using the pause/resume flow cards for power saving as well as reducing the update frequency, which will have a significant positive impact.


Got my two displays today, the perfect belated Christmas gift. :sunglasses: Already got them up and running, pairing was smooth so was configuration. Having to set up a flow to activate one of the display layouts was a little bit awkward, perhaps that could be simplified?

In the weather display I configured I felt the icons were descriptive enough to not have to use the labels. This however makes the vertical alignment uncentered. Could this be improved in a future update where if the label is empty, the sensor data is vertically centered with the icon? I’d also much prefer the trend icon (not present in photo) to be in the right-most part of the display. Currently it looks like a weird colon after the unit.

Thanks for all the great work, these displays are perfect for me. So easy to use, affordable and stylish!


Huge thx :pray: also for sharing your experience.
Your feedback is much appreciated. Good points that are put in the back-log for future updates.
All the best

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I also received my screen last weekend.
Compliment to Martin for this piece of hardware, which was packaged so beautifully and well.

I completely agree with jseverinson, the screen is so easy to set up and most icons also show the way.
Quickly defined a number of screens, and made them active with a flow.

Perhaps there could be a carousel mode that you can display an x ​​number of screens in a row.
I have now made a number of flows that first check whether someone is in the room and then run flow by flow with the setting for the next screen.


That’s a good idea. Also to the back-log.
Big thx for sharing.
Very happy to know that everything went smooth and that you like our packaging :slight_smile:
BR Martin…

Here’s another one for the backlog Martin. Let us know if there’s a better way to submit these. :slight_smile:

I have a weather screen with two indicators for rain, one is current value (from the rain sensor on the roof) and the other is predicted rain for the coming 8h (I have these values per hour and have a flow that summarise them into a logic variable). It would be even better if I could see not only how much it’s going to rain, but approximately when. When getting my son dressed in the morning, rain in the morning vs rain in the afternoon end up meaning two very different outfit choices. :sweat_smile:

How about if, instead of a number value, smpl could display a simple bar chart? If I could make it have 8 bars for the upcoming hours and feed it values (e.g. via json or individual logic vars) per hour that would be even more informative.

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From the Buienradar Api i get complete weather messages from a max number of characters. Would be nice if there would be more templates, 1 with only text or text and an icon. :slight_smile:

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Hi it’s me again! :sweat_smile:

Here’s another improvement for the backlog. Over in the thread for the Huawei Solar app I’m having a discussion with the creator and I asked him why he thought smpl would only offer four capabilities of the ten or so it actually offers. Turns out those are subtypes of capabilities and it seems smpl does not detect these.

This is what the developer said:

This is what I see in smpl for that device:

As you can see it looks like only the four capabilities without period in the name are recognized by smpl. Desired behavior would be all of them are offered. Current workaround is to have a flow that sets the capabilities to a logic variable.

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same issue but I fixed that for the solar edge app. so it works again

so add the main one and then sub ones will also show up added def for SMPL · biemond/solaredge.modbus@7c4f901 · GitHub

The devices comes from the Homey API, so the capabilities needs to be defined.