Kwh indicator

Now with the extreme kwh prices, I was thinking if there were some kind of device, which could indicate green/red. So for instance you could attach it to the dishwasher and if the kwh prices were good, it could be green and red if prices are too high.
So looking for a small device that could indicate some colors/status. Preferable battery powered.

Hi @rihanna, I think you can make this yourself. Use one Color bulb of your own choice and place this somewhere in your home. Install Power By The Hour app and configurate this with your own energy tariff (day ahead prices device). And make a flow that if price is “low”, Color of bulb is green, and if price is “high”, Color of bulb is red. This way everyone in the household can see when to reduce energy consumption and when it is ok.


Yes, I had this idea in mind as well. Also just replacing one of the spots to a colored one.
But having a bulb on “forever” might not be the best solution. So I was hoping there was some kind of device that only required power when making the change.

Ok, well the only device type I can think of that requires power to change is e-ink, but that’s only black and white (or grayscale). Maybe use the led-ring of the homey?

Do you know any e-ink, that can be controlled from Homey?

Using the led-ring is a good idea. I might try that.

I know of at least 2 e-ink display’s that work with homey:
SMPL display, more expensive but works out of the box
Homeyduino E-paper for homey, cheaper but a little bit more “do it yourself” project (I have this one).

I have Dingz in use. They have a color les included. have a look here: