Sending 40khz ultrasonic signal?

Just got a new fire and the remote appears to be ultrasonic at 40.5mhz - I’ve never come across an ultrasonic remote before, so can anyone advise if there is anything I can use to control this with Homey??

There’s some talk about how to control such fire places using an Arduino here, but getting it to work with a Homey isn’t trivial. Perhaps it’s possible to modify the receiver on the fire place side, but on the other hand, you’re dealing with gas or high electric currents, so unless you know what you’re doing I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Thanks (as always!)

Yeah, the Arduino route doesn’t look trivial. Tbh, while Homey control would be the goal I’d settle for Alexa control only (not sure if that’s any easier!!)

The controller in the fire itself is 4x AA battery so not high voltage, simply drives a motor for the power knob itself (which physically turns)
but the fire itself is gas