Seeing where flows are used

It would be a handy feature it was possible to see where flows are used by other flows.
Kind of the same way you can see in what flows a device is used.
Especially now with the Advanced Flows it is very easy to use sub-flows and to steer them with start tags.


Maybe something for the Flow Checker app, @martijnpoppen ?

Flow uses::used by flow mapping. Though not sure if the homey-api has this information readily available.

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That is indeed missing.
The way I solved it:
I created a virtual device (pushbutton) for every flow I want to be able to trace.
Instead of when this flow is started its now started by a virtual device

Or the more administrative way. Add a comment card an add in the comment which flows are starting that flow…

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@OH2TH yes i checked it for flow checker, did check it once but its quite hard to make that mapping between flows.

Might be easier to create a new app for that instead of putting it in flowchecker. As flowchecker is quite memory heavy


Some kind of a flow map would be cool, where one could see the relations between each flow.

But before that, probably someway to list each flow with the dependencies for:

  • depends on
  • used by

No idea if there is anyway to dig that out with homey-api. But would be very useful when there is a larger number of advanced flows.


Yeah should be possible. Already have a small PoC when i tried it for flowchecker