[Feature Request] See flow dependencies

When you have a lot of flows, where some of them calls another flow, it would be great if there was a way to see which flows that calls a specific flow. For example it would be helpful, if you edit a flow, there was a way to see in a list which flow or flows that calls this flow.
Even better would be if there was a visual map of flow dependencies.

Here’s an example of what the visual map would look like:

Flow A
Flow B → Flow C → Flow D
Flow C → Flow D
Flow D
Flow E → Flow F
-------------> Flow G

As an explanation to the above map:
Flow A calls no flow
Flow B calls flow C, which in its turn calls flow D
Flow C calls flow D
Flow D calls no flow
Flow E first calls flow F and then calls flow G




Just added a :green_heart: +1 on this.
Really miss this too.

But must say. I found a workaround that even brings some advantages:
(See also my posting “how to structure your flows”)
For flows that I know I will call from other flows: I create a virtual device pushbutton and use that as a trigger (instead of “when this flow is triggered”)
Virtual device do show flow dependencies…

When you create a new flow that is triggered by another flow, you do not need to go to the the other flow to add the “trigger this flow”
Just stay in your new flow and find that virtual device button…

And you can even trigger that same virtual button at different times…

This is the virtual button showing the flows its triggering:


I trigger the same button at different times
Sleeping in on sundays…

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+1 :+1:

It is a useful workaround for same things, but with hundreds of flows and already hundreds of real devices, things would explode pretty fast. This was also why I was happy about Google Home activation of flows, even though I don’t like that it is linked to favorites and not some other flag.

The request still stands, but thanks for the workaround! I will definitely have a look at that.