How to document flows - With Flowviewer?

I want to exclude and include some ZWave devices that are malfunctioning. When I exclude a device, it is no longer visible in the flow it is used. I want to restore the functionality in the flow after including the device.
Is there a way to document a flow so that I can look up how the device was used in a certain flow? Until now I found only that I can distribute/share a link to the actual flow.

Take a look at the Flow Comments/FlowNotities app.

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I take screenshots of the relevant flows in advance.

Flowviewer v2 and then print to pdf file.

I had to do it:
Added an virtual device (with same capability ) in the same zone as “Placeholder”
opened the original Device, checked all Flows from that device.
Added the corresponding card for the virtual device to each flow.
After that you can remove the zwave device and add it again.
Then Choose to do it again to swap all flows back
or link the new device to the Group device (Much faster)

Is that a app for Homey or a standard windows program that you can use to show the flows?

I think he is referring to: GitHub - irritanterik/homey-realtime-logpage: Realtime Homey Logger based on known namespaces

Topic: [HOW TO] View your Homey v2 flows in a browser

Yes it is view your homey v2 flow in a browser but you can print it to a pdf file

Looks like a great piece of programming, but I wonder if it works on Homey v5.0.
The first problem I encounter is how to retrieve the Bearer-ID…

@TomBoz @Fred Thanks for answering. I take a look at it.

Yes it works on homey v5

Yes! It took me a while before I figured out how to configer the config.js file, but I got it working! Thankx for the input!