Room presence using Mesh Wifi

Hi. I have the TP-Link Deco M9 Plus Mesh Wifi in my house. I currently have 8 of them in different rooms throughout my home. Is there a way of using my wifi connection to tell Homey in which room I am located, based on which mesh node I am currently connected to? I almost always carry my phone with me and I wear an iWatch all the time which also connects to wifi.

If it’s supported by the app: yes

Thanks Martijn, but which app do you mean?

The app for the specific system. I’m using Unifi and that has way of defining this. Don’t know if there is a app for TP-Link, so you should search for it. If it isn’t there, there is no way to know.

Hi @Daniel_Pointer-Tax , did you solve issue with room localization and TP-Link Deco?

No, I couldn’t find any way to do it unfortunately