Can someone tell me how the built in presence works?

Built in presence works great for me, but for my wife it never seems to show her as home
Can anyone tell me what it uses to determine the presence as “at home” so I can try debug?
Is there any way to use the WiFi connection as a backup?

The better presence app?

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Thanks. That’ll do. Would still like to understand how the built in works as can’t understand why it works for me but not my wife!

Depends on a lot of things. Given u have not shared any info at all about phone brands or fw versions it’s gonna be hard to guess.
( Plz don’t say she’s using IOS 15)

We’re both on the same version of Android and surely, what Homey app uses for location shouldn’t have any bearing on that?

Does it use Google location services? WiFi network matching? What does it define as home?

GPS on the phone.

Okay, but how does it know where home is? I don’t think I’ve ever set it…

I think Homey knows its location? I did set it at settings/location!

How it works,

And the location Homey detects comes from a Geo IP database (or SSIDs) from a service provider … Many systems use that type of location detection if GPS is not available. although it could be somewhat off so you could adjust it and set your own location.

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So checking Homey has the right location, all options are on for both me and my wife…
Guess I’ll need to revert to something manual