TP-Link deco router

Is there an app to Homey that track network devices? I have used TP-Link together with IFTTT to know if a specific device or a new device connect or disconnect from my network. TP-Link and IFTTT don’t work together anymore :pensive:

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Hi @Tb1
There’s the Smart Presence app for homey.
Or in case you want to continue using IFTTT there is an app there called “Android Device” Wich I believe will be able to replace tp-link for your needs.
In case you are an Android user of course.

Smart presence is not working on homey v5. “Android device” can I not use on some lights, printer, music players for example.

You can create a flow on Homey


When “this flow is started”
And “Your options”
Then “your options”

Name the flow “example name”


If “this phone connects/disconnectes from a specific wifi”
Then “Homey/Start a Flow/ Example Name”

Right…it will only work with a specific phone.