Ring Doorbell and Camera support for Homey

What version did you install, the old stable or the new test version?

Damn, forgot to mention, sorry… its running v2.10.1

No problem.
The check runs every 4 hours, but if you are in fact authenticated please ignore it (it’s a function I’m looking into to improve)
Please do send me a diagnostics report as that may help me, thanks.

Hi Danee, running 2.10.1. Also this problem but now my flows for modus change dont work anymore Restarting the app and then it works again.

Please send a diagnostics report.

Send trough slack.

New test version published

New test version: 2.10.2

  • Devices will be set unavailable when authentication at Ring is lost
  • Small improvement to authentication process

You can find it here: Ring App (test version)

Sometimes the authentication at Ring is lost, mostly due to their servers being unavailable. The Ring app is capable of re-authenticating by itself but sometimes that doesn’t succeed unfortunately.
To make this better visible for you the app now sets the Ring devices to unavailable when this happens. You will recognise this by the red triangle with an exclamation mark in the app.
(Thanks @Jamie for the tip)

I’ve also added a small improvement to the authentication process; the routine that would try the re-authentication was always started when authentication was lost when the app was already running, but it wasn’t started when the app wasn’t able to authenticatie at apps start while it had had an authenticated state before the apps restart. Now it will also be started in these situations.


New test version published

New test version: 2.10.3

• Added additional translations

You can find it here: Ring App (test version)

Added the Polish language* and added some missing translations for the other languages.

* Translations are done with ChatGPT, If you spot errors, please post them on Github

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Since a couple of weeks my homey only gets triggered bij motion alarms, not anymore by general alarms. It used to work very good.
I’m using a doorbell pro, and app version v2.10.3 on a 2019 homey-pro.
Anyone a suggestion how to solve this?

Yes, I’ve noticed this too, also on the old app. It seems something at Ring has changed a while back.
The problem is that when a motion event is active a new ring event will not be received. I’ve tested this with covering the camera and with disabling the motion detection and in both cases the ring events are received again.

So for now you can get ring events back at the cost of loosing the motion events.

I’m still improving the app and fixing this is one of my priorities. I’m currently testing a new way off communicating with the Ring api which is looking very good, this particular problem is fixed but the best thing is that the app no longer polls the Ring api but it’s receiving events so motion and ring events will be handled realtime in this version.

I’m not yet sure when a test version will be available, when its is, You’ll read it here in this topic.


Previous test version promoted to stable

Version: 2.10.3

(all changes since previous stable version 2.3.5)

  • App upgraded to SDK3
  • Added additional translations
  • Improved device pair function
  • Improved device repair function
  • Improved status view
  • Improved handling authentication failures1
  • Set devices unavailable when Homey is not authenticated at Ring

Compatibility with Homey Pro Early 2023 has been checked, all seems to be working as is on the older Homeys except the flow card to retrieve a snapshot. This is due to a bug in the Homey Pro Early 2023 firmware and for Athom to fix. If you are hit by this bug, please report it at Athom to get it more priority to get it fixed.

1 Many improvements are made in the handling of authentication failures and it’s also more visible to the user as the Ring devices are made unavailable when authentication at Ring is lost

I am using version 2.10.5 now with my Ring 2 Doorbell, and for me there is a lot of improvement!
First of all, with movement enabled, the general alarm is picked up well by Homey. And second, it seems to me that the app is much faster now. When there is a general alarm, i get almost instantly a notification through my Google home mini speaker. This is much faster than with the “old” app.

The only thing we have to wait for is showing the snapshot. That is still not working…

Hi Rob,

Thanks for noticing! 2.10.5 is a new test version in which I used a new method to connect to the Ring API which enabled me to receive push notifications from Ring on motion and ring events. The old communication method used a polling mechanism where it checked the status every 5 seconds, hence the delay.

The working or not working of a snapshot depends on quite some factors, most important to know is that for Doorbells having a battery (even when connected to constant power) it is not possible to grab a snapshot when the Doorbell is recording.
Also, on Homey Pro Early 2023 the function to grab a snapshot is not working, this is due to changes in the firmware for which Athom has not yet communicated a solution.

Lastly, the function to grab a screenshot is still using the old communication method which is a bit flaky. I hope rewriting that to the new communication method will also show some improvements.

Stay tuned for more improvements to the app!


New test version published

Test version: 2.10.6

  • New communication method with Ring API
  • Minor fix in handling snapshot errors

This version uses a new method to communicate with the Ring API. Using this version enables using pushmessages for motion and ring events instead of polling which was used in the old communication method. Most functionality in the app has been rewritten to use this new communication method the rest will follow in a later stage. After that I plan to add some more functionality, please check out the roadmap

When no problems show up with this version it will be promoted to the stable release channel so anyone using the app can benefit from this new communication method.


It’s working again, thank you very much!!