Ring Doorbell and Camera support for Homey


In no particular order, no eta will be given

Improve device repair function
Improve apps settings page
Improve device add function
Update the app to SDK3
Publish SDK3 test version to Homey App Store
Look into handling authentication failures
Look into occasional invalid_content_type error when getting preview image
Set devices to unavailable when authentication at Ring is lost
Check compatibility with Homey Pro Early 20231
Complete translations in app.json
Rewrite communication with Ring API
Add setting to enable/disable motion detection for Cameras
Add setting to configure motion timeout for Cameras
Add setting to configure motion timeout for Doorbells
Add flowcards to(un)snooze Chime
Investigate the possibility to use Smart Alerts (Requires Ring Subscription)
Add Smart Alerts for Doorbell and Cameras
Add support for Ring Intercom

1 Compatibility with Homey Pro Early 2023 has been checked, all seems to be working as is on the older Homeys. Mind you, the firmware for Homey Pro Early 2023 is still a Release Candidate.