Replaced router, now send messages option is broken?

I can’t send messages any more from Homey.
I recently added a Asus router to replace the internal router wifi network of my internet modem (it is now in bridge mode). I think this is related to that, but I’m not sure. I turned off the firewall, “AI protection”, even forwarded all the ports (as a test) to Homey. Still the red exclamation icon. everything else is just working fine.

Anyone any clue what can be wrong? Is there somewhere a debug option to see what exact error occurs? (An exclamation icon is a bit meaningless).

Port forwarding is never required. All Homey’s connections usually are outgoing only.
It is very unlikely that this issue is related to your new setup. There would be a lot more not working anymore if that is the case.
Also, as this is a core functionality, please try contacting Athom support directly. Only Athom can debug this.

Try from a desktop browser and hover (or click) the triangle, perhaps it’ll show an error message. Also try logging out and back in from the mobile app.

Did not show any additional information (screenshot was from the browser)

Just did a ptp restart (I know, sorry I did not try this first :grimacing:). It seems to work again. Still weird :man_shrugging: