Accepting invitation not working, Homey-Offline message

After sending invite, the guest (after creation of account) tries to accept, but then the message is Homey_offline. Tried with WIFI connection and 5g, nothing works. This is with Homey-pro. What is the problem???

“Homey offline” seems to be an issue for the Pro 2023

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I checked fora, googled posts, but nothing similar. With my own account everything works, the invite does not work and then the message appears.

I assume that it also has to do with the currently discussed problem that Homey is very often shown as offline since the firmware update to v10.1.0.
I don’t follow all these posts, so I assumed that your problem is already discussed in one of these posts.
I will edit my comment accordingly.

Please contact Athom support for assistance. Apart from the suggestions mentioned in the other posts, e.g. restart router, restart Homey, etc., probably no other user is able to help you.
By the way, this is a user-only forum. Athom employees do check in from time to time, but you won’t get an answer from them.

Okay,thanks, I did send in a service request. Let’s what comes up.