After upgrade to version 2.0 stable Homey does not respond very often

Hi Guys,

After my upgrade to version 2.0 stable my homey is not responding most of the time. If I do a ping to my homey’s IP I get an time-out. After a couple of minutes I receive reply and I can access the Homey again. Then after 2 minutes the Homey is offline again and not responding to ping. This repeats itself every time. My wifi is working fine also rebooting the system and removing a lot of apps does not help. I don’t want to reset my homey because then I need to add all my walloutlets etc again. Anyone has this problem also or know what to do?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: Nevermind found the problem. Homey was connecting with a accespoint which was just out of range. Problem solved.