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Homey crash, Homey is offline

Anyone else see this with 2.0?
My homey has been rock solid before the upgrade, now I have seen this 3 times since the 2.0 upgrade about a week ago.
It seems completely dead, can’t be pinged, no ports accessible (this works when it’s online)

PTP will restore it…

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Perhaps same source to my problems then: Since the update my Homey now takes 5-20 seconds to respond to input. Before the update the respond time was about 2 seconds. And the app blocks me out with a “Homey offline” message perhaps every 7:th time I open it.

It’s like everything is being channeled through a cloud service and has become (more) internet dependent. I would prefer the opposite delevopment for a faster a and more reliable system.

In my case it’s seems completely dead. I know the ip address and I can normally ping it with my computer. When this happens there is no response at all.