REOLINK Security Cameras - No Reolink Homey APP Yet - Using ONVIF as an alternative - Matter 1.2 now supports 9 x NEW device types - Matter 1.2 does NOT yet support Security Cameras

@Techniman thanks for suggesting users consider ONVIF to enable REOLINK security cameras
to work with Homey Pro, a great idea.

I don’t understand the ONVIF Protocol myself - so maybe another member can post a quick summary or some comments on ONVIF in his thread.
I have now found a Link see “THREAD 4” Below.

Without properly thinking it through, I purchased a Battery model, should have purchased Mains.

The - ARGUS PT - BATTERY - 4K - is a newer camera and does offer a fully featured and up to date spec for the price, so is great value, I am NOT intending to CRITICISE that model, but . . . .

In Summary, as a Reolink Homey App is not yet available. The only alternative is to use ONVIF.
So a WIRED Camera would be a better choice, as it enables Homey users to activate ONVIF.

The LATEST range of Reolink Security Cameras - have extensive NEW features,
but many of these now seem to be trending towards having a - BATTERY backup.

Home Assistant - does already have a Community APP - for Reolink - see Reddit below

SmartThings – push notifications from triggers - using ARGUS 2 Reolink Battery Camera:

Maybe the Homey Community can apply pressure on Reolink

  • Maybe Reolink themselves or a Community Engineer could get a Homey APP written.
  • I have already emailed direct to Reolink.
  • I intend to post some threads on the Reolink Community forums myself.

CSA - Connectivity Standards Alliance - Matter 1.2

Home Security - Video Cameras - NOT included in Matter 1.2

The 9 x NEW Device Types - In Matter 1.2

Since there isn’t even an official Home Assistant integration, don’t count on Reolink making a Homey Pro app.

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ONVIF - link here - Developers Notes - Adrian Rockall

  • Adrian’s link below - was started when he created this ONVIF App - back in April 2020
  • The link has over 1,350 threads in it - as of 22-Jan-204 and growing.
  • Anyone interested in REOLINK and ONVIF, should go to Adrian’s thread,
    which is packed with lots of thorough technical Information on how to use ONVIF.
  • I earlier called it ONVIV which is incorrect - Correct term is ONVIF.