Remove homey from account

I know I have to contact support to have the Homey that broke down removed, but to do so I have to included a diagnose report that I can’t create as my Homey broke down…

So what now?

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Don’t know why Athom can’t remove your broken Homey from your account, they should be able to do that w/o you sending a diagnostics report you obviously can’t send.

Just send an e-mail to

And what happens if u fill in 12345 at the report number?

Or try it yourself.
Open the Homey selection

Select the offline Homey

Aand tick the gear in right top

If I remember correct, it is automatically removed when registered by another owner. (If repaired)


Because the form insists on a diagnosis file…
But the issue is solved.

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For anyone:
I can skip the diagnostic ID by just entering a dash - on the suppport form.

This was the solution. Thanks.