How to remove a Homey from your Athom Account

bought a homey pro nowe i have in my account the old homey called homey en the new homey pro called homey pro howe can i remove the homey so that i only have homey pro in my account

If you want to sell your old Homey, start a recovery and un-link your account.
That is the only way now on Homey 2.0

On the old Support site:

Also on the Homey v2.0 support site:

If you wait some time, Backup should be around the corner to Restore all Devices, Flows and settings on your Pro Homey from a backup of the Old Homey (If you did not transfer everything already!)

If you don’t have the old Homey or it is broken,
Please contact Support at Athom from and Ask them to remove it.

Could be handy to report then your Account Email address and the Cloud ID of the old Homey you can find here:

(Edit: Updated after confirmation from Athom)

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I have the same problem and have also try the link .
I see both Homeys but can’t find an option to delete the old Homey.

Have you unlinked your old Homey using the procedure above in step 4?

4. Optional: Remove linked account (factory reset) […]

And you contacted support?

My old and broken Homey is still in my account. Any way to remove it??