How to remove a old homey

I have been trying to do a factory reset on my old homey since i upgraded to a pro a couple of weeks back.
After a few tryes with chrome i finally managed to get connected to the unit after switching to firefox instead. But now im stuck with a solid red ring after it freezes while trying to upgrade to the latest version.
So i there any way to remove my old homey from my account other then factory reset it?
I have given up and the old unit is going in the trash but dont want to have two homeys in my accound to choose from when logging in.

The only “other” way is contacting Athom support,

but try after powering off Homey for some time again: (eventually with another USB Adapter :wink: )

  1. Make sure Homey is powered on in the upright position.
  2. Make sure Homey is powered on for at least half a minute before continuing.
  3. To enter recovery mode, turn Homey upside down, and wait for the 10-second countdown to end.

Use FireFox!

  1. Homey is set to recovery mode and will give you the same welcoming message as the first time you set Homey up.
  2. Go to on a Wi-Fi-enabled computer, press the Alt key on your keyboard, and select Continue in browser and follow the onscreen instructions.
  3. Choose to delete all data (for a factory reset).
  4. If you don’t want to link a new or existing account to Homey, make sure to hold the Alt key on your keyboard when asked whether you already have an Athom account. Then select “Don’t connect an Athom account” .

i’ve been through these steps a few times now and ended up with the red ring at the point where the unit is updating to the latest firmware. Havent tryied another USB-adapter so going to do that.
If this dont work how do i get in contact with Homey, all i´ve found is this forum, no e-mailadresses or forms to fill.

Dont really want to throw it away since it worked fine for me up untill the upgrade, but if the new USB-adapter dont work i´ve think i´m a a dead end.

Good luck,

Found the self service place in the app. Only available if Homey is offline.

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Try or the newer url
Scroll all the way down until you see "Customer Service and follow the link in there. and are open too, as far as I know.