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Remove Homey from system

I got a new Homey on warranty. This one works. But how do I delete the old “ghost” homey from my account?


Someone wrote a while ago the same question, and answer was then to contact Athom and they will remove the old one for you.
See also this topic on the old forum:

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@Bram, please inform the helpdesk that when they replace a homey, they should remove the old homey from the account.
(So users who suffered from a broken homey dont have to call the helpdesk a second time)

Go to your Homey overview in the desktop app and hold down the “alt” button on your keyboard. While holding down the “alt” button, hover over the offline Homey.
A delete button will be displayed in the top right corner of this Homey. Click on it to remove this Homey.

Nope. (Running Mac, btw)