Reboot remotely when offline?

I need to reboot by homey from another location. I have a vpn-tunnel set up so I can access the network, and Homey answers to ping - but when trying to access it via app or web it looks like it’s offline.

Can I reboot it somehow, ie via ssh or via browser locally?


No, you need to connect to homry using the mobile app or web (or developer site)

You don’t need an vpn normally.

Mobile app as well as developer site thinks it’s offline, but it responds to ping. Ok, but there is no other way of gaining access / rebooting?


I used a tp-link hs-110 for it but last time I needed was before Homey firmware 1.53


You might wanna try any wifi powerplug. Make sure you can access it from outside the home, before you leave home.
Perhaps Shelly is a good choice, as they have a webinterface and therefor no need to install an extra app. Just a bookmark in your browser (and up-to-date security/credentials) is enough.

Same as @Dijker wrote though: never had the need to reboot Homey remotely too…


I want to add this to Henk’s great solution:
When it’s the case Homey is unreachable due to wifi issues, it might be an idea to power Homey via a Tuya zigbee smartplug. Tuya has cheap zigbee bridges with a LAN connector.
That way, you can ‘PtP’ Homey, in case of any wifi issue @ the remote location.

Thx, @Peter_Kawa.
True, but the chance Homey will reconnect to wifi (by itself) after restarting is not very big, to my opinion.
If there are wifi issues, it is more likely the problem is in your router/access point than Homey itself, and that won’t be solved by restarting Homey.

That’s also true, Henk :wink:

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