Cant access my Homey pro from outside of my home anymore

The problems started some days ago. I can access my Homey using the web or the app from home. When every I am not home it will not connect anymore. Any ideas of what to do ?

Tried a reboot yet?
Tried to put it without power for 15 minutes yet?
Firewall maybe blocking the IP of Homey?

Yes i tried a reboot. I can try 15 mins without power. I have not tried that yet

sounds more like an issue with your device(phone).
Try installing the app on another device and see if that is working.

Maybe logging out of all Homey related apps and sites, and then log on to Homey via the phone app might solve it.

It helped with unplucking for a long time and turning it on again.
Thank you for the solution


I’ve been having the same issue for some days (both web and app outside home). Maybe shutting it down and turning it on again after a while will help. Did that do the trick for you?

Sandnes, Norway