Option to Reboot or reconnect Homey


My Homey is often offline.
The flows are still working, but i can’t connect to Homey with the App.

Before the update to 2.0 i used the Candy App to reboot the Homey when there was no connection to internet.
Unfortunately, the candy app no longer works with Homey 2.0.

When I am at home, I can manually restart the Homey if I notice this.
However, when I am not at home, I can’t reach the homey and can’t control anything.
Thats makes the homey a little bit worthless for me.

Will the candy app start working with Homey again with the new version of Homey? Or is there an alternative or solution to this problem?


Before you start using stuff like candy I would send an e-mail to support@athom.com to let them find out what is going on.

You can try: https://developer.athom.com > Tools > System. At the Bottom is a Restart-Button.

Unfortunately i can’t open this option when the Homey is offline:

@Jeroen_Somhorst: Thanks, that is an option. But if there is a solution in this post, other users may also benefit from this.
But if there is no solution in this post, i will do that.:wink:

I would send that e-mail anyway. Reason is that Athom doesn’t read on the forum. And if you have a response back from Athom you can share it here.

When Homey is offline, I don’t think there’s much that will fix it. I think it’s caused by the Homey Cloud having problems.

Homey Connect is in maintenance because they are having problems…

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i have also this problem from time to time. now i use my old controller (homee) to turn of the powerplug and after 20sek turn it on, daily at night :crazy_face:

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Used this once when Homey-App shows “Offline”.

I am also really looking forward to a possible solution. In the past I used Candy to switch off a wallplug in which a router was plugged, when there was no connection to internet. After a couple of minutes Homey switched on the router again. An error in the router resulting in no internet could be resolved outside from home in this way. Would be nice to have an updated Candy app or a good alternative.

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There is a new experimental feature called “power user” which when enabled gi es you some of the features (flow cards) which were available previously on candy.

I did not know this so I am glad you mentioned this, thanks a lot.

The error you are facing just because of the router not properly setup. I want to say that whenever you are going to set up the router then you might be facing some error code of Wii Error Code 51330 and you need to solve it also. so I suggest resetting your router once for the proper solution.

The best way, imo, it to use a WiFi plug like Shelly to toggle Homey. That way you can reach the plug even if Homey is offline, as long as you have a connection to your network.

Great idea. I’ve been unable to connect to my Homey has a couple of times now (though the Flows have continued running). A reboot seems to solve the problem and I was grappling with how to instruct a Homey that you can’t connect to to do just that. A WiFi plug is a simple solution to that problem - even better, I have one lying unused in a drawer.

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If you enable the “Power User” experiment (in the Homey app settings) you get a few extra flow cards, one of which is to reboot Homey from a flow.

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Connect Homey’s power adapter via a Wi-Fi plug. You can switch that off and on remotely to power toggle Homey if necessary.

Is it possible to react on connection loss (Wifi) in Homey and force a reconnect?
I was able to force the Wifi reconnect if I deactivated and activated the 2.4GHz Wifi after Homey was offline. It would be good if I the Wifi reconnect could be started with a flow. That would prevent hard reboots with a plug and waiting long for all apps to load (and Zigbee…).

There used to be an app that could be used in flows to check if Homey was able to reach an external website, and if not, trigger a flow. If that app still exists, you could use it to reboot Homey when its connection gets lost.

There’s no possibility to just reconnect WiFi.

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I use the smart presence app tot check if my router is still home.

If router left home
Then start countdown timer Offline 10 mins
And variable LastOffline date = date and time

If router back home (within 10 minutes)
Then stop countdown timer Offline

If countdown timer Offline reaches 0 (after 10 minutes)
Then reboot homey

So far I logged quite a few offline moments but no reboots yet.


This is exactly what I need, One question though, how do I create that Router?