Homey offline in app (need to press reconnect many times before i get connection)


I´ve had this problem for a while now, In the app it says Homey is offline, but if you press re-connect eventually you get connected…

I have 1 homey at work and 1 at home and its the same with both…

This never happend before? It starts to get really annoying, anyone with a solution?

Best regards/Joel

Do you have more information ??
Firmware on homey, App op phone?
Did you try a PtP (pull the plug on homey) and wait 10 min before replugging

Pics deleted by Moderator.

Sometimes it works directly but most of the times lately it says it’s offline and then after many retrying it works to connect…

Did someone tell u alr it’s not very handy to post cloudID’s on the forums?

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Oops… Didn’t know that😁