Read and control MQTT from your own homey app


I’m working on making my own app for the complete steering,

only I don’t know how to call HQTT and read it via my own homey app.

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Jens De Smet

Read and control MQTT from your own homey app

I can’t help you with your problem, but an app like this is a brilliant idea. I hope you succeed. I would be the first to install the app.

So an app that uses MQTT to connect to a broker that gets fed by the MQTT Hub app running on the same Homey? Sounds like a huge kludge to me. Might as well just implement what MQTT Hub does to control devices.

the intention is to control my entire house in its own private app via its own app, you introduced this to me yourself. But corner I connect to the MQTT devices on my homey pro.

Yes, but you never mentioned that you wanted to write a Homey app. I assumed you wanted to write an app run externally that could control Homey, in which case you could leverage the MQTT Hub app. If you want to create a Homey app to control your Homey (which I would not recommend, it’s going to be a PITA to manage), use the Web API.

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Great idea, guess you just created that loop between your Homey App and MQTT that you want to program on the Community here:
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Goed idee, ik denk dat je zojuist die lus hier op de community hebt gemaakt tussen MQTT en jouw Homey App die je wilt programmeren:
Vertaal dit onderwerp: #62364

But I still don’t understand why you Choose Homey as a platform if you don’t want to use Flows.
You are still not clear in what you want to achieve functionally.