Rastislav Hubočan (hubo) - Discussing Aqara App - Test Releases for T1 devices

What about releasing it as a test version?
Casual users will still get 1.7.1, but who wants to try 1.8.0 will have to install that test version directly (clicking on changelog or so). I have seen, that some apps using that before releasing to the public.

Like this:

That’s not what test releases are for, and there are scenarios possible where doing this would cause issues.

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And test releases are not independent from regular App Store releases. Every App Store update first goes through a test release. So this will again block other updates…

That’s simply not true.
There has been no update for 9 months and I don’t have feeling that there will be any before the workaround will be released for all earlier versions of Homey Pro.
But hey, maybe I am wrong!
However, you can always release some other update/functionality without that in the proposed 1.8.0 test release. There is no restriction.
It would be like:
1.8.0 (test) Test support of T1 sensors.
1.8.1 New public update.
1.8.2 (test) Test support of T1 sensors.

I think there are more like me, that owns Homey Pro 2023 and are eager to test the T1 sensors.

Anyway, it is still your decision and work, so it is up to you. We all appreciate it. Keep up the good work!

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So you know better than the app developer? Well, take over the weel and solve it asap then.

You don’t know how app development on Homey works.

I can repeat myself: That’s simply not true.

I am software developer (surprise! surprise!), so I understand it quite well.
And I understand the real developer here, that my propose requires more effort and it is up to him to make this decision.

Show me how to skip the test phase for an app then:

You can cancel it or finish it (from that snip it is not obvious) and replace with the new public update right after and then publish new test release again (the latest public release with the test functionality).

This is how this will work:

  1. publish v1.8.0 with T1 sensors and keep it as test; users will add the T1 devices to Homey
  2. publish v1.8.1 without T1 sensors; since you can’t skip the test phase, this will break the T1 devices that people created using v1.8.0
  3. publish v1.8.2 with T1 sensors and keep it a test; users will have to add the T1 devices to Homey again because v1.8.1 broke them

Besides that, you cannot prevent owners of older Homey’s to install the test version, which says it supports T1 devices, yet they won’t on their hardware, so the forum will be flooded with support questions (yes, it will). Also, step 2 will break T1 devices for HP2023 users, so the forum will be flooded with support questions (yes, it will).


Stupid (?) question: is it not possible to add support for some feature or (temp) workaround (say T1 sensors) as a conditional switch in the app settings?


And as I was informed, that it is experimental support of T1 sensors and I had to explicitly install that test version, I am completely fine with it!

It is obvious that you are searching for the problem where it is not. Maybe just in your communication.

First, all those users will have to find out that there is a test version (1.8.0) and how to install it. And when the note of the test version will say that it is experimental support of T1 sensors only for Homey Pro 2023 yet, no one can expect that it will work when installed on Homey Pro 2019.
Second, if somebody explicitly installs that test version (1.8.0), use it and then a new public version (1.8.1) will break the functionality, I see no problem to remind that it is experimental support, and that there is a new test version (1.8.2) with that functionality.

BTW that is one of the purposes of the test versions.


You can’t disable device drivers, and (AFAIK) you cannot use custom pairing templates with Zigbee devices to alert the user the device won’t work on their hardware.

For this App with multiple 1000’s installs, probably 100 - ~1000 if not even more are already in Experimental (Test) channel.

The minute the developer releases a new Test version it is installed within hours on these Homey’s. If he Blocks this for a version It isn’t possible to release other interim updates for older Homey’s.

And even the 10.1.4 seems to have new issue’s, so be patient.

Which note? There is no note.

Again, you’re not familiar with Homey app development. People don’t read. People assume that warnings aren’t meant for them. People know better than app developers.

See previous remark.


Speculation, but anyway… all those users were aware of a test version installation and agreed to it, so they are all fine.

Your next arguments are pointless as you are telling us that the test releases are useless as they are equal to public releases.

I can’t more disagree you, sir.

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Which note? There is no note.


Again, you’re not familiar with Homey app development. People don’t read. People assume that warnings aren’t meant for them. People know better than app developers.

I was the one whom don’t know where is the note?
Pointless argument, but yeah go on! We are all stupid!
Anyway, if anyone ignores the warnings, they’ll get what they deserve.

See previous remark.

See previous remark.

I am glad that the moderator split this discussion. Even though I disagree with him.
Pointless arguments, accusations and speculations…

All my thoughts have been confirmed as doable. So, I, as the one “who don’t know”, was not wrong at all.

That’s not how it works.

About half of those users will not even know they are on the experimental channel, all they will see is that (suddenly) the app provides support for T1 devices which, if they have an old Homey, won’t work.

This will be followed by posting a message on the forum:

  • User: “It doesn’t work”
  • Forum member or app developer: “What doesn’t work?”
  • User: “My sensor doesn’t work”
  • Forum member or app developer: “Which sensor doesn’t work?”
  • User: “The motion sensor!”
  • Forum member or app developer: “WHICH MOTION SENSOR?”
  • User: “The Somethingsomething T1 sensor”
  • Forum member or app developer: “And you have a Homey Pro 2023?”
  • User: “No. Is that relevant? The app says the device is supported!”

Times a few dozen times.


Yes, because that’s not a note, that’s a changelog entry that users don’t read, and you cannot force them to read it.

Anyway, I’m done with this.


Curious how many apps you read the changelog upon when you’ve received an automatic update on, as it isn’t shown when the app updates, you manually need to browse to the app store to see it.

I can tell you that 99% of the people won’t read the changelog after every update, nor even read the changelog at all, and +/- 75% (or higher) don’t even know it exists, or bother to read it before installing an app (I don’t do that for every app).
They don’t even read the description, let alone the changelog.
There are even people that don’t visit the app store at all, and install the app right from the mobile app when searching for a brand.