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Simple solution: Don’t declare official support until it will be in public release!
Non-existent problem solved.

And 99% of the people are not explicitly installing the test versions. They are not installing automatically.

And all those people you are talking about won’t get the test version at all.

Only 1% (if even that) have automatic updates disabled, usually only after something went wrong they will disable it, so they WILL update to the latest version, as already stated there are 1000s of users already on the test version, as the app is the number 5th most installed app (internationally!) it has way more users then you are probably expecting.

The app is also under an “official” badge, so an indecent update like that is not technically allowed by the app store rules, they literally had to sign for that not to happen.
So releasing such an update is even against the rules.


You are mixing automatic updates and a test version of apps together… two different things.
Automatic updates are automatic updates, and I am expecting that the most users have it enabled.
Test version is something for people who would like to test, and they have to expect any problems from that. They were warned and they have agreed.

And you all make fools of them. Nice!

The app is also under an “official” badge, so an indecent update like that is not technically allowed by the app store rules, they literally had to sign for that not to happen.

I see, no updates for 9 months, that’s decent.

And that is where you are wrong, test version are also installed automatically, even if the only update available is in stable, people with test version installed will still receive the latest version available.
Lots of people install the test version to get the latest and greatest, and don’t think about the consequences, not just for apps, but also firmware installs on their main Homey but can still brick their Homey (they even get warned for that! but they once again, don’t read), and the entire reason why there was made an additional channel besides experimental updates.

Not me, you are wrong!

Automatic updates will install any update automatically (as intended), but test versions are installed only when I explicitly ask for the test.

Lots of people install the test version to get the latest and greatest, and don’t think about the consequences…

That’s their problem. And now, because they are abusing it, we cut ourselves off from the intended testing function. Great!
That’s… logical.

No they then just wanted the latest and greatest, and forgot they installed it, maybe even years ago. Probably > 1000 users in Test.

Functionality (in this case Zigbee stack) between Homey (Pro) 2016-2019, the Homey Pro (Early 2023) and Homey (Cloud) with Bridge are not yet synchronized.

In my opinion that is a good argument for a developer / brand to wait until that is fixed and tested before a General available Test is released.

No because the developer does care about them. It most likely isn’t going te be a problem :wink:

Guess they don’t get a problem, maybe you make it a problem for yourself.

Beside that, I don’t know if you are a Homey Developer yourself, but you probably have a different idea about how the releases work that than I do.

No problem but that probably wil not change how this developer is going to release.

Just be patient until the developer has tested it in the Alpha Test channel on older Homey Pro 's and the Cloud before he releases… That’s Logical!


This does not change anything. Pointless…

Sure, they are abusing the test functionality, so we cut ourselves off from it. Logical.

I have already told:

I repeat, real developer… anyway, so many excuses and misleading arguments.

I’m sure, that the most of you completely missed the point. It is not about, that it will currently break something. It is not working yet at all, and that test version can make it work at least for some (who would like to test - as intended and expected). All the others will have to wait.

BTW the “abusers” on the earlier versions of Homey Pro will just not be able to make those T1 sensors work yet (as it is now). But they will even not know about experimental support in that test version, because they are not reading the changelog!

That’s the win-win situation! :laughing:

Well well let’s keep the conversation nice and peaceful… developpers do what they can and this is very nice. Without them nothing almost would work on homey and this is THE problem.
It just reminds me of my own messages and the fact that all this should be done by Homey… in that app like in many (I mean the main brands… not exotic devices), depending on the good will and free working developpers is nice for a start up product (or a shareware) but not for an expensive paid product with hundreds/thousands of CUSTOMERS waiting to have their ordinary devices work normally. This is really difficult for normal users.
We appreciate all the good work made by developers but we should not depend on that.
Any Homey moderator reading us must be aware it can lead many to go away.
This is your business but we are your customers. Your future is at stake.

Christopher Charpentier

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Hey mister-i-know-it-all-and-even-better-than-the-developer-himself, stop creating useless posts with lots of text and put your money where your mouth is. Take control, solve all issues and add support for all known devices. Only then you are allowed to say: you’re wrong. Prove it or stop bragging.


And here you are again, but now with even less reason.
If only the problem would be an app then your point would help, but this time, even the reason for this very topic split is that Athom needs to update the core on all Homey’s (pro and non pro), not that device(s) need to be added into an highly used app.
How would Athom handle an app, if they can’t even handle the core that the app is using.

Without people like Ted and other people in the community, the core itself (made by Athom) would be nowhere near where it is now, and that isn’t just for ZigBee.
So only limiting us to Athom is not possible in the slightest unless their team gets atleast 10 times larger (already stated to you several times before) which is impossible to do in this day and age in the Netherlands and then staying profitable.


You got me. What about taking your own words seriously and take your useless post full of non-sense elsewhere.
BTW when you read through discussion, there were several problems mentioned and I give solutions to them. None of my arguments has been proven wrong so far.

Don’t give solutions (that can’t be used at this time if you had read through the answers you get), we all can do that. Solve them. Then you’re the man. As the superduper developer you seem to be that should be a piece of cake, not?