Questions about fibaro smoke detector (ZW+)


I’ve just installed a fibaro smoke detector FGSD-002 (so I suppose it is the ZW+ version) and I have 2 questions :

  • I can see no report of the “tamper alarm” which is descibed in the fibaro manual. Is it missing ?
  • in the logs, I see messages like Received application command for an unknown Command Class, data: 0x91010fff0403aa0a07d00101003b0a0e190e190e190e190e190e19 on this new node (every minute). Any idea ?


Tamper alarm has never been implemented by athom for this device, feel free to send in a feature request.

This could be anything, only Fibaro would know what this is as it is a Manufacturer Specific command, and with such a long value… it is impossible to find out that it does.