Qubino Roller Shutter: Up/Down/Stop


I have two different actors for roller shutters connected with homee: Fibaro and Qubino. In general, the Qubinos are easier to install because calibration work much better compared to Fibare which seem to be very picky. But there is a difference that drives me crazy:

Qubino does not provide Up / Down / Stop commands. You can only say Opened, closed or position x. So it is not possible to e. .g use a Philips Hue dimmer to let the roller shutter start opening and stop by pressing a button once it reached the right position. Fibaro does provide up/down/stop commands.

Any idea what I can do?

Is it not possible to ‘stop’ by pressing ‘Open’ again after the open-moving is started?

No, unfortunatly this is not possible because there is no button like „open“ or „close“.
Please look at my screenshots:

There is a tab with a up/down/stop button.

No up/down/stop, just a slider

This is “enforced” by Athom, that the fibaro has it (only the older types, the newer ones also don’t have the ternary buttons) is only because it already had it before it was “enforced” so it would kill a lot of flows of people that already had the device included.

window coverings that can be controlled by sending a command with a precise open/close level

This type should only implement the windowcoverings_set capability and in case the device supports horizontal tilt of venetian blinds also the windowcoverings_tilt_up and windowcoverings_tilt_down capabilities.

:exclamation: Never implement both windowcoverings_state and windowcoverings_set for one driver. This creates duplicate UI components and Flows cards.

windowcoverings_state = ternary
windowcoverings_set = dim slider

Hi Caseda,

Thanks for you reply, but I have to admit….I‘m a bit lost.

Ok, It seems to be Athom who prevents Qubino from implementing such buttons for up/down/stop. But do I really only have the slider to control the roller shutter? Isn‘t there any way to have up/down/stop to let the roller shutter go down and stop at the right position?

In its current implementation, no, there is no way to activate the start and stop commands.
You have 2 options.

  1. direct associate a remote or switch that can send the “start” and “stop” commands.
  2. Change the code/create your own app that does support it. (The current code isn’t online though I believe)

Technically 3, ask qubino to add for supporting the start and stop commands.

Actually, that‘s what I wanted to try: Using a Philips Hue Dimmer (reomte with 4 buttons). Works brillantly with Fibaro but not with Qubino. The only command in the THEN-section of a flow is „Set position to n“. Or did I miss a way to send a command like „up“ or „down“ or „stop“ via flow?

That‘s something I wanny try in future but I first have to get familiar with homey programming….I‘m quite new here.

That‘s what I did before writing this post. They promissed to evaluate my request.

Direct association of a ZigBee remote to a Z-Wave device is impossible, direct association you don’t have to create any flows for it like you are doing now for hue with Fibaro Roller shutters.

Ok, that‘s something I‘m not yet familiar with. So I have to cope with this stupid sliders.

Thanks for your help! Appreciated!

I recognized that Homey provides an option to directly send a Z-Wave raw command to a Z-Wave device (via Node ID). Couldn’t I create a Flow for each of the 3 commands Up / Down / Stop?

I looked into the Qubino flush shutter manual, but I can’t find the right commands I want to send to the device.

Any idea if that could work and where I can find the up / down / stop - z-wave commands / parameters?

Hmm, I didn’t even think about that one, that should be possible if the device is included unsecure.
If it is then in let me get back to you when I get home in 8 or so hours for the correct RAW commands.

Status is „ Secure (⨯)“….so I guess it‘s unsecure, right?

Just received an answer from Qubino-Support. All CRs on the Qubino-Homey app are currently ‚on hold‘ due to a change of priorities, But I received the codes:

0x26 0x01 0x63 0x00 => UP
0x26 0x01 0x00 0x00 => DOWN
0x26 0x05 => STOP

Just tried and it works perfectly. I created 3 flows, 1 for each command (up/down/stop).

It‘s a workaround, but now I can control my Qubino-flush shutters with more accuracy. And I can use a (zigbee-) Hue-dimmer (which is one of the cheapest 4-button actor) to conrol the blinds by hitting ‚up‘ for letting the shutter go up and hitting up again to stop at the right position.


This is exactly my problem too except I use a Senic Friends of Hue switch added as a Hue Tap Button. I’m completely new to Homey and not a programmer. Can you please explain to me what should I do with these codes to make mine work as well?

0x26 0x01 0x63 0x00 => UP
0x26 0x01 0x00 0x00 => DOWN
0x26 0x05 => STOP

Currently 1 have one button assigned to “set the position to 0” and an another button to “set the position to 100”, so I can send the shutters up or down completely, but nothing in between as I can’t make the blinds stop for the push of button.

Any help would be kindness on this topik.


You mentioned „hue“ which is zigbee, not z-wave. I don‘t know if/how this works for zigbee devices.

For z-wave these would be the steps….

You just need to create a new flow for each of these codes to send them to the Z-Wave device.

Navigate to

New Flow / Z-Wave / Send Raw Command.

Enter the Node ID of the Z-Wave device and drop one of the codes (e. g. „ 0x26 0x01 0x63 0x00“) into the parameters field.

The Node ID can be found here

Let me know if you need further information.

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Hi,The “Hue device” (Senic switch to be exact.) is only a button interface to operate the shutters.

In terms of the zwave flows. I get stuck right at the beginning.
If I hit the new flow button, I only have 2 options:
Standard or Advanced.

And when I choose standard, I have no z-wave option at the then cards:

also when I search for z-wave at new devices I don’t have a raw option:

Can you please align me into the right direction. Thanks a lot.

Ok I found it, I had to enable the experiment mode to get the raw zwave flow. Appreciated this tip.

What was the when - then logic for your stop action?

For the going up I am just setting it up:

I assume this will be the same for going down.

But how did you approach the stop state from flow and logic wise?

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately there is no „is stopped“ property you could use with Qubinos. But you can use the current power consumption to judge whether the roller shutter is moving or not. If you are using a up/down switch, you simply have read the power consumption. If it is below a certain level, then hitting the up button sends the „up“-command. Else (= power consumption is above the threshold), you send the „Stop“-commend.

Hitting the up-button lets the roller shutter start opening. If you hit the up-button again it will stop.

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Thanks a lot for your suggestion, I will give it a try.

Unfortunately the codes provided in this thread does not trigger the blinds for me.

These are my setups:

Shutter stop:

Did I set them up correctly?