Qubino Shutter setting window covering state in flows

I have several Qubino Shutter switches controlling venetian blinds type roller shutters. In the App I can set the “Window Covering Tilt Set”, but there is no flow card permitting the setting of the tilt. There are only flow card available to set a certain position. (window covering percentage)
Is there a way to set the venetian blinds slat position is a flow?

Here I have te some, no card available for the tilt state while it is available to set in the ui. Basicly bought the homey because there was being told the support with quibino modules is good.

Hi, my question concerning tilt. Does qubino or anything other brand support the possibility to set the tilt %? As far as i have read. Shelly 2.5. Fibaro and qubino dont offer it?

Both the Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 and the Qubino Flush Shutter Plus support setting the slats position of Venetian blinds type of roller shutters. You will have to set the a parameter (151 for Fibaro and 71 for Qubino) to the correct values.

I admit I am using Fibaro HC3 now, so I wouldn’t know if Homey now does support setting the tilt in a flow, but it did in the App, as far as I remember.
Fibaro HC3 does support setting the tilt in the app, the web interface as well as in a scene or quickapp.

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