Qubino shutter- Fibaro shutter

I tried adding a Qubino Flush Roller shutter module ZMNHCD1 on my Homey, unfortunately he does not recognize this device.
Then I added Fibaro roller shutter 3. However, this works through a slider which is not good for my application because there is no stop position. Where I am looking for is a switch device that operates a motor for turning anti-clockwise, clockwise and a stop position. Could you advise me?

Maybe this is an option for you:
you can make 3 flows for the Fibaro:
1 goto 100%
2 goto 50%
3 goto 0%
these flows you can start via Virtual devices

For the Qubino, you can request Athom an addition to the Qubino app for your device ZMNHCD1

You could try and install the beta from cli. If you look at the changelog it reports:

Improved support for Flush Shutter (ZMNHCD)

You could give it a try. Obviously since it is a beta and you can only install this version through cli, nobody gives you any guaranties.

– except for max :wink:

With the Qubino beta App this works

Jan , thank you for tour advice. I’ll try and as Athom how tour add the quibino shutter

Gr Theo

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